Satisfaction with Current State

Whatever state you experience now, if you feel satisfied and thankful then your state of mind will at least be safe. Safe from what? Safe from worse condition. Every second, a person may experience either positive/neutral state or negative state in terms of a scale. Every normal person has their own heart scale. A person does not always follow their heart. Things disagreeing with your heart is considered as negative, on the contrary, it is positive/neutral. Even ancient scholars further divide actions into 5 categories: compulsory/obligatory, recommended, neutral, not recommended, prohibited. This division should facilitate you in controlling your deeds each second. Safe actions are those which are compulsory/obligatory, recommended, and neutral. Unsafe are those which are not recommended or prohibited.

Peace of mind or peace of heart sometimes is distracted by your inactivity. This you may feel as being unproductive although in reality you are still in neutral state. Your ego then may distract you and bring you further to gray state, which is forbidden state. If you are able to become a little bit patient, you may defeat your ego, you become calmed down and then you can go further from neutral to recommended or compulsory/obligatory actions.

So as long as you are in safe state (although it is in minimally safe state because it is neutral), be thankful and grateful, accept your state as it is. Then your Lord may give even further blessing and move your state into more positive category.

The ammunition used by your ego is frequently boredom. You feel bored with your current activity and you become distracted and moved outside your sanity, then if you are in forgetful condition then you may go down. So, be careful!


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