Choices and Possibilities

I need to be aware of at least 2 possibilities: to finish phd or not to finish phd. Either possibility has not come to existence yet. I already have taken 3 semesters. I still have at least other 3 semesters (according to my [Indonesian government] scholarship duration).

During next 3 semesters I need to be more focused on what we want to attain. I do not need to spend more time to for example Chinese Course or other courses having no direct relationship to the focused area.

I think I have to be more careful on my time spent to other things having no direct relationship to my final decision: either (to finish) or (not to finish) phd. As long as I am on the right path, each of these final decision (or destiny) will have no too damaging impact on my self, personally, emotionally, or socially. The best destiny is to finish phd. This is the happiest and safest destiny in terms of my responsibility to my scholarship giver (Indonesian government), my advisor, my home university, my family, my friends, etc. Undesirable destiny is not to finish phd. This is undesirable because it may create imbalance inside my self. Although it is undesirable, I should also be prepared to this possibility. However, the damage will be minimal as long as every second during my remaining time studying here is taken care of to the benefit of the focus area and the target area, i.e., to finish phd.

To be honest, studying in Taiwan is relatively hard and demanding in terms of its requirements for phd degree. The requirements include the following. I need to  a) clear at least 18 credits b) take some zero credit compulsory courses each semester c)  clear 3 qualifying exam (comprehensive examination), including Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, and Algorithms. Algorithms is considered as the heaviest material based on students’ information. d) be accepted in paper publication in refereed journal (2 to 3 [or more] papers). e) create dissertation f) defend dissertation (oral defense). The education system here follows American model, in general.


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